Hello All!

Hello all you talented, beautiful individuals! Let me take a moment and introduce the two friends who thought up this exciting project.


Lovely Becca

First let me introduce you to the lovely Miss Becca. She is the Beauty behind this operation. Along with being a sweet, God-fearing, admirable young lady, she has a flare for fashion and a love for style.  Most of the good makeup, hair, and  fashion tips you find in this alcove of the internet will be from this talented gal.

Next up we have the “brains” of the operation. A spunky, Jesus-loving girl, and a marketing major by education, Hanna likes dabbling in blogging and freelance marketing. Any typos, code errors, or unalligned photos you find are probably her fault. She thought it would be really fun to help Becca find her voice in the void of the “interwebs.”

Green eyed girl

Green-eyed Hanna

The main reason these two ladies put their heads together to create this site is to provide a place where women of all ages can find modest ideas about makeup, fashion, and style. They want you to come here to get ideas on how to alter retail store finds, learn how to do your hair in that amazing style you’ve longed after from a distance, and click links that will take you places where you can just by appropriate, chic outfits. Their desire is for you lovely females to find a comfy spot on the web where it is easy to have fun being modest while glorifying our Creator. So please relax, kick off those 3 inch heels, grab that coffee, and enjoy!